Bob Gebert Magic

Written & Performed by Bob Gebert

You'll never look at magic the same way again.

A legendary stage magician bids farewell to eighty years of magic. Through a series of flashbacks, his life story unfolds as his greatest performances live again.

Bob Gebert portrays the celebrated entertainer, from child prodigy through an appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee.


1995 - Age 85 - The Last Performance

1915 - Age 5 - The First Performance at the Society of American Magician's Convention

1935 - Age 25 - Enhancer Flakes Cereal Spokesman

1940 - Age 30 - Enhancer Flakes Performance, Dressing Room, and Party (Check out the multi-episode interactive story - Richard Ryder: Illusionist)

1975 - Age 65 - The Return Performance

1955 - Age 45 - Political Tricks, Appearance before the House UnAmerican Activities Committee

1995 - Age 85 - The Secret to the Magic of Richard Ryder